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How can I hide or collapse some group in ListView?

I just add some items

contactListView.Items.Add(new ISIMlistViewItem(contact));
if (contact.availability == 6)
    contactListView.Items[contact.identificator].Group = contactListView.Groups["offlineGroup"];
    contactListView.Items[contact.identificator].Group = contactListView.Groups["onlineGroup"];

And I want to sometimes hide the offlineGroup.

if (hideOffline == true)
    // something like
    // or
    contactListView.Groups["offlineGroup"].Visible = false;

But I don't know how can I do that. Can I just collapse it and don't draw it or is there any possibility to hide it?

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It seems that the .NET version of the ListViewGroup class does not provide a Collapse or Expand method.

Luckily, the native ListView control does support it and one guy provided an extension to enable expand and collapse.

Using his code you can then have a function to set the expand/collapse state with:

private void SetGroupCollapse(GroupState state)

For hiding a complete group I would simply remove all the items in this group.

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I've the same idea. But I though that I can simply hide any group I want and also simply show it again. I don't like move items from one group to some temp place to hide group and then back to show group. I think that I'll use collapse extension. –  sczdavos Sep 16 '12 at 15:50

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