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As I understand, ActionScipt is used mostly to control graphical output on Flash websites: such as Flash based games.

However, I would like ActionScrpt to perform tasks not related to graphical output. Tasks, which for browser compatibility reasons, are more suitable for ActionScript: such as file upload.

Is it therefore possible to use ActionScript instead of JavaScript or to accomplish tasks that are not possible with JavaScript, such as file upload?

Are, please, the following possible?

  • Run ActionScript on HTML Button Press?
  • Send information to ActionScript from HTML/JavaScript?
  • Process information without any graphical output in ActionScript?
  • Ouptut information from ActionScript to HTML/JavasScript?

I understand that this question may be elemetary for ActionScript programmers. I wish to know, if ActionScript can do what I wish. Afterwards, I will start learning ActionScript to be able to do what I need.

If you provide me with references or code examples, that will be appreciated. I will have a picture of the right functions to call. Thank you.

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ExternalInterface is your friend:

Some tips when using ExternalInterface:

  • set allowScriptAccess to "always" in the html embed code
  • make sure the flash has an id in your html code

Some simple examples:

1. Grab a value from javascript to flash

// actionscript 3 code
if (ExternalInterface.available)
  var url:String ="document.location");

  // output to textfield
  var t:TextField = new TextField();
  t.text = url;

2. Call a function with parameters from flash

// actionscript 3 code 
if (ExternalInterface.available)
   var result:String = "Flash rocks""alert", result);

3. Call from javascript a function with parameters to Flash:

// javascript
window.onLoad = function()
   document.getElementById('flashId').doSomething("javascript rocks");

.. and

// actionscript 3

if (ExternalInterface.available)
   ExternalInterface.addCallback("doSomething", handleSomethingFromJavascript);// links js function to as3 function
   function handleSomethingFromJavascript(value:String):void
      // output to textfield
      var t:TextField = new TextField();
      t.text = value;

You can do lots of stuff between flash and javascript, as you can see the intergration is almost painless! The only note is that within flash ExternalInterface is not available, so you have to test in browser. You can make a transparent Flash object using wmode="transparent". You cannot use display:none or visibility (css) because then the flash isnt executed or acts slower. To make sure it keeps running, place it position:fixed (css) on the page in a corner or something. Browsers make flash object run in a sort of sleep mode (slower) when out of screen or when inactive (ie in an inactive tab)

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Hi Mark. +1 and thanks for your excellent answer. I will use the functions above and I see that what I try to accomplish is perfectly doable. Because this answer perfectly and most completely answers my question, I am marking it as the Accepted Answer – Bunkai.Satori Sep 17 '12 at 18:45
Thanks for the kind words – Mark Knol Sep 17 '12 at 19:48

You can't really replace javascript with actionscript, but you can interact with it.

"Run ActionScript on HTML Button Press?" - Yes, this is possible through ExternalInterface.registerCallback. However, many actions (iirc, opening the file browser) can only be done on user interaction in flash, so you would need a flash button for that.

"Send information to ActionScript from HTML/JavaScript?" Also through externalInterface, or flashvars (but only at startup).

"Process information without any graphical output in ActionScript?" - It's a programming language, so sure. What did you have in mind?

"Ouptut information from ActionScript to HTML/JavasScript?" - yes, also through ExternalInterface.

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+1, thanks for good answers. You asked me, "What did I have in mind" regarding executing ActionScript without graphical output. Well, what I do not wish is having to inlude a Flash applet, to be able to include ActionScript into my Webpage. I thought, that ActionScript was developed for the purpose of support Flash objects i the website, and therefore, it is unseparable from them. – Bunkai.Satori Sep 16 '12 at 10:33
Well you will need to have a swf visible somewhere on your page in order to execute actionscript, no way around that. You can't use it like javascript (directly on a web page). – Jonatan Hedborg Sep 16 '12 at 10:54
yes, this is what I meant. But I think, the Flash object with important ActionScript objects can be hidden on the webpage, is that correct? In other words, it will not disturb the design. – Bunkai.Satori Sep 16 '12 at 11:29

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