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I want to see plain xml text of xmpp messages content for developing , debugging ,etc so I've installed 'ejabberd' as xmpp server and 'empathy' as xmpp client.(i track packets with wireshark) i think it should be done by changing configuration in xmpp server , but i don't know how ?! I would like someone to guide me through disabling encryption and see xmpp request in plain text form in wireshark. Thanks in advance!

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In ejabberd.cfg, in the listen section, look for configurations for ejabberd_c2s. Comment out the lines specifying the the certificate and starttls support. Without starttls, no encryption will be offered (you might need to confirm on your client that you want to connect without encryption as some clients prevents that by default).

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many thanks ppolv –  paradisal programmer Sep 18 '12 at 12:06

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