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I'm new to Qt and started developing an app based on one of the sample projects qt provides: "Image Viewer".

Here's the examle project itself:

To make sure I didn't do anything wrong thying to extend project's functionality, I created a new project and simply copied files from example project (see section "Files" at the top of "Image Viewer Example" page)

Then, I edited imageviewer.h file:


#include <QPainter>


    void paintEvent(QPaintEvent *);

to ImageViewer class.

Then I defined paintEvent in imageviewe.cpp:

void ImageViewer::paintEvent(QPaintEvent * e)
    QPainter p(this);


I expected that to draw a line in the top-left corner, but it didn't.

It seems to me, that the point is that scrollArea overlaps the line, making it "invisible". So, I commented out the line


within ImageViewer::ImageViewer() definition.

The line appeared, but the images were not showed, of coruse.

Then I tried drawing on scrollArea itself, changing paintEvent code:

void ImageViewer::paintEvent(QPaintEvent * e)
    QPainter p(scrollArea);


which resulted in messages like

QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 1

Tried googling it, but the solutions have nothing to do with scrollArea overlapping the line (or just don't work).

Would appreciate any help on this.

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