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I have an Android project which has a "src" source folder, and I also created a "test" source folder. The 2 folders have a package of the same name inside them. I added an activity to the test folder and set it as the main activity, but Android doesn't recognize it, even though as I said, its package name is identical to that of the "src" folder, which is also the package name of the application. What am I missing? Do I have to use a separate project for testing?

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Remove test folder from your project & create classes only in src folder because android recognize only src folder for compile application.

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That won't work as It only searches for files in the src folder. All your java files need to be placed in there. Instead of making two folders which have the same package name, try creating two packages inside the src folder and placing a class in each of them.

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Make sure your source folder is in the java build path.

(I am assuming that you are using Eclipse as your IDE)

Select your project, go to Project in the menu bar, then select Properties. In the windows that pops up, select Java Build Path, and make sure that your source folder is in the list, if not click on Add Folder, and select the source folder you want to add.

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Sorry, my bad, I mispelled the activity name in the manifest file, and that's why it didn't work... Thanks to anyone who tried to help.

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