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What is the equivelant of the System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinate.GetDistanceTo method in Metro style Windows 8 Applications.

Metro applications have the Geocoordinate class (With a lower case 'C') but no GetDistanceTo method.

Secondly, the Metro Geocoordinate class has no constructor. How can I create an instance of it.

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Check out this link.… – Rahul Tripathi Sep 16 '12 at 12:13
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The Metro Geocoordinate has no public constructor for some reason. The best way to implement this in my opinion is to use Reflector and copy the implementation of System.Device.Location.GeoCoordinate which will also give you GetDistanceTo.

Hopefully this will be re-added to the API at a later time.

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I decompiled the .NET 4.5 GetDistanceTo method as per BlackLight. Copying here to save people some effort.

public double GetDistanceTo(GeoCoordinate other)
    if (double.IsNaN(this.Latitude) || double.IsNaN(this.Longitude) || double.IsNaN(other.Latitude) || double.IsNaN(other.Longitude))
        throw new ArgumentException(SR.GetString("Argument_LatitudeOrLongitudeIsNotANumber"));
        double latitude = this.Latitude * 0.0174532925199433;
        double longitude = this.Longitude * 0.0174532925199433;
        double num = other.Latitude * 0.0174532925199433;
        double longitude1 = other.Longitude * 0.0174532925199433;
        double num1 = longitude1 - longitude;
        double num2 = num - latitude;
        double num3 = Math.Pow(Math.Sin(num2 / 2), 2) + Math.Cos(latitude) * Math.Cos(num) * Math.Pow(Math.Sin(num1 / 2), 2);
        double num4 = 2 * Math.Atan2(Math.Sqrt(num3), Math.Sqrt(1 - num3));
        double num5 = 6376500 * num4;
        return num5;
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Note that the result is in meters – Erno de Weerd Oct 10 '15 at 15:40

I wrote a small libary to work with coordinates a year ago or something that can help you calculating distances between coordinates. It's available at CodePlex:

Calculating distances is then done as easy as this.

// Create a pair of coordinates
GeodeticCoordinate coordinate1 = new GeodeticCoordinate() { Latitude = 63.83451d, Longitude = 20.24655d };
GeodeticCoordinate coordinate2 = new GeodeticCoordinate() { Latitude = 63.85763d, Longitude = 20.33569d };
// Calculate the distance between the coordinates using the haversine formula
double distance = DistanceCalculator.Haversine(coordinate1, coordinate2);
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Doesn't that formula assume that earth is spherical? – CodesInChaos Sep 16 '12 at 12:49
Yes, so it isn't the best if you need high precision over long distances. In most cases it will do just fine though. – Karl-Johan Sjögren Sep 16 '12 at 13:16
I was thinking about using reflector on the .NET version and writing an extension method to do this. – Muhammad Rehan Saeed Sep 16 '12 at 15:38
Also a solution, the algorithm really aren't that hard so it should be quite easy to extract it. – Karl-Johan Sjögren Sep 16 '12 at 16:38

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