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I have this code:

private List<string> test(string url, int levels, DoWorkEventArgs eve)
  HtmlWeb hw = new HtmlWeb();
  List<string> webSites;
    doc = hw.Load(url);
    webSites = getLinks(doc);
    removeDuplicates(webSites, currentCrawlingSite);
    removeDuplicates(webSites, sitesToCrawl); // like this..
    if (downLoadImages == true)
    if (levels > 0)

    if (levels == 0)
      return csFiles;
      for (int i = 0; i < webSites.Count(); i++)//&& i < 20; i++)
        int mx = Math.Min(webSites.Count(), 20);
        if ((worker.CancellationPending == true))
          eve.Cancel = true;
          string t = webSites[i];
          if ((t.StartsWith("http://") == true) || (t.StartsWith("https://") == true)) 
            csFiles.AddRange(test(t, levels - 1, eve));

And I have this numericupdown event:

private void numericUpDown1_ValueChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)


What I need is that when the user change the numericUpDown value it will change in real time the value of the variable levels in the function test. But I don't want to call/activate again the function test only to change the value of levels. If I run the program and its working now using the function test and the level is 1 so if I change the numericUpDown to 4 so levels is now 4 so the program will keep on working but now levels will be 4 and not 1.

How can I do it?

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Why don't you use the variable levels as a static member so that whenever the value is changes it reflects everywhere. –  Nitesh Sep 16 '12 at 12:40
Nitesh show me how to change the variable levels to be static everywhere and not only for the function . ? –  Daniel Lip Sep 16 '12 at 13:36
Thanks Nitesh its working. –  Daniel Lip Sep 16 '12 at 20:32

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