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Suppose I have self linked Category entity defined as follows:

public class Category {

public String Url;

public Category Parent;

private Set<Category> subs;
public void addSub(Category sub) {
public void removeSub(Category sub) {

public String Title;

public boolean Done;

I wonder, will it work correctly if I create new Category and add it with my addSub method? Will Category be persisted correctly? Will subcategories be persisted automatically and in correct order?

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In the current state of your code - no. To make it work as you want you need to do the followng:

  1. Connect sides of bidirectional relationship with mappedBy on @OneToMany, otherwise Hibernate would think that you have two different relationships:

    @OneToMany(mappedBy = "Parent")
  2. It's your responsibility to keep both sides of your relationship in consistent state:

    public void addSub(Category sub) {

    Hibernate looks at @ManyToOne side when it stores the foreign key.

  3. If you want subcategories of persistent Category to be persisted automatically, you need to configure cascading:

    @OneToMany(..., cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
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