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In Excel VBA I write: Set mWB = Application.Workbooks("File.xlsx")

Then: mWB.Close() I noticed is a possibility, but in the autocomplete list I only see close, not open.

How can I open an excel file in VBA using a variable of type Excel (Dim mWB As Workbook) that holds a reference to the file?

I don't want to use: Application.Workbooks.Open ("File.xlsx"), which I know is possible!

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Simple answer is that isn't how that class works. If you wanted to though, you could create a class to do that?

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Workbook objects store references to workbooks that are in memory. If the workbook is closed, it cannot be referenced as a workbook. – Daniel Cook Sep 16 '12 at 15:34


set mwb = Application.Workbooks.Open ("File.xlsx") 
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