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I am having this loop

foreach ($unserialized as $key => $value) {
 $foo = <<<EOT
<div class='krudItem' id='xxx'><form class='aj' name='itemForm' method='post'
 action=''><section><label>Slider Title</label><input type='hidden'
 name='sliderKey' value=$key/><input type='text' name='sliderTitle' value='$value 
 ['slidertitle']'/></section><section> <label>Slider Location</label>
 <input type='text' 
 Description</label><textarea name='sliderDescription'>$value
 ['sliderdescription']</textarea></section><button name='saveNew' class='saveNew' 
 value='save'>save</button><button name='newCancel' value='cancel' 
echo $foo;

but everytime i run it,i get

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE),

I have been reading what php says about http://us2.php.net/tokens and i have tried every other possible solution but the error persists.There are some white spaces but i am not sure how i would deal with them well.

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You need to enclose your variables in curly braces:

$str = <<<EOF
some string with {$some['variables']} in it

You can put any PHP expression in {...} as long as it starts with a $.

See the documentation on this syntax at php.net.

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You need to encase your variables in brackets.

This should work for you:

foreach ($unserialized as $key => $value) {
    $foo = <<<EOT
    <div class='krudItem' id='xxx'>
        <form class='aj' name='itemForm' method='post' action=''>
                <label>Slider Title</label>
                <input type='hidden' name='sliderKey' value={$key}/>
                <input type='text' name='sliderTitle' value='{$value['slidertitle']}'/>
                <label>Slider Location</label>
                <input type='text' name={$value['sliderlocation']} value='ipsum'/>
                <label>Slider Description</label>
                <textarea name='sliderDescription'>
            <button name='saveNew' class='saveNew' value='save'>save</button>
            <button name='newCancel' value='cancel' class='deleteNew'>cancel</button>
    echo $foo;
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Really? You've changed all HTML attribute names into variable interpolations, are you sure about this? –  lanzz Sep 16 '12 at 13:27
Sublime plugin that did it :S –  Korvin Szanto Sep 16 '12 at 13:30

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