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I am using a Local Broadcast to start playing music by my Service once the playlist has been asynchronously fetched. It works well but I have some interrogations about how & when to unregister the broadcast receiver. In my implementation,


is called in onDestroy().

So I have two questions about this :

  • Am I guaranteed that onDestroy will be called, even if the application crashes ?
  • Can it be useful to unregister a broadcast receiver as soon as it is not useful anymore in terms of memory/cpu ? This particular receiver is only needed at most once during each execution of the app (the playlist can be loaded before the service is started, in that case I do not need the broadcast)
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  • No, you're never guaranteed. But you can guarantee to yourself that every error is checked/catched and handled appropriately in your code.
  • It can be useful. Unregister if it serves no purpose, what could be wrong with that?
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+1. It's definitely advisable to unregister the receiver. I once ran into a problem with apparently random crashes, but found out that it was caused by a receiver that wasn't unregistered. –  Michell Bak Sep 16 '12 at 14:22

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