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I'm building a facebook app and so far so good but when I want to add an action (i.e. an article etc.) which would point to an outside url like "" it doesn't work since I'm developing using local urls like "localhost/dev/myprogram/articles/12" and Facebook obviously cannot fetch it.

What's a good way to solve this? Mind that the application doesn't exist on a live domain yet either, so I can't use that space.

I set up the app for the development with my localhost domain and since Facebook uses an iframe it works perfectly, but once I want to actually save objects it fails because of this problem.

so lets say I have an url like:


then facebook first tries to parse it via

and then save the new object with something like

This will fail because even though Facebook can reach my localhost trough the iframe, it cant reach this page from anywhere else.

Any workarounds for this?


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What's a good way to solve this?

Either get some publicly reachable space to test your stuff on (could be a subdomain of your actual project domain, for example) – or set up your local development machine to be reachable from the interwebs, by using a DynDNS service of some sort.

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