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Can I have a function in a data constructor? Like:

data Something = (a->b) Something1 Something2
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Yeah, of course you can. The only important thing is that you (always) need a name for your data constructor:

data <name> <para0> <param1> ... = <constructor> <arg0> <arg1> <arg2> ...

So for our example, it becomes

data Something a b = Constructor (a -> b) Something1 Something2
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Here Constructor is a data constructor, not type constructor. The type constructor is Something. It is called type constructor because when you apply it to something, you have a type (Something a b), while if you apply a data constructor to something, you have some data (Constructor f x y). – Rotsor Sep 17 '12 at 6:51
@Rotsor Fix that – FUZxxl Sep 17 '12 at 17:47

There are some rules to be followed in naming of a Constructor.

  • Start with a uppercase letter.
  • Can contain underscores, single quotes, letters and digits.
  • Constructors can be operator names, so long as they start with a ':' .

But ofcourse you can have functions in a data definition like

data Something a b = Something (a->b) a b 
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