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New Question that builds on this one. I think IPython is a much more suitable alternative for what I am aiming for than the vanilla interpreter

Does anyone know of a class/code I could pickup that instantiates a IPython embedded shell in a QT Widget without launching a kernel ?

I want to be able to provide the intepreter variables of my PyQt app just like one would do when instantiating a native python embedded interpreter. I also want the intepreter to be able make calls to the parent app (via the locals passed to the interpreter).

I have had a cursory glance over spyderlib's IPython interpreter machinery and it seems to instantiate a kernel as part of it's widget initialization.

In case you are wondering what I am trying to achieve, I'm creating a research platform for text analysis. So I'm bridging forum data, stored in a postgres database, to the python nltk project via a GUI application.

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The design is that the IPython Qt console widget is just a frontend for a kernel. At present, we've only written a way for the kernel and the frontend to exist in two separate processes. There's work in progress to add a kernel that runs in the same process, which should make what you want possible:

If you'd like to test that out, any feedback is welcome. Here's an example of the code you'd need to start it:

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I love you ! Ok so I'll start integrating it and provide feedback if needed. – Hassan Syed Sep 16 '12 at 21:13

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