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I have a form (new poll form) in which I can add multiple items (poll questions) to a collection using KnockoutJS. I want to know how can I force the user to enter a value into the question textbox before he can add a new row...

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var App = function (pollData, pollQuestionData) {
             var self = this;
             self.poll = new Poll(pollData);
             self.questions = ko.observableArray([new PollQuestion(pollQuestionData)]); // Put one question in by defaul

             // Add new question function... here should go validation I guess???

             self.addQuestion = function () {
                 self.questions.push(new PollQuestion(pollQuestionData))

             // Remove question function
             self.removeQuestion = function (question) {

Here is my jsfiddle code (that by the way I couldn't make it run...)


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Here is a fiddle that uses a computed observable to only show the New Question button when all questions have a value:


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Thanks a lot for your great help!!! nice implementation –  VAAA Sep 16 '12 at 16:09

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