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Is there a way to automatically open up the Windows "Performance Options advanced" dialog using the command line or a system call in windows XP?

The long way to get there is to go to Start, right-click on "Computer", then select "Advanced System Settings"-> Settings-> Advanced Tab.

In windows 7, i can do with command: SystemPropertiesPerformance /pagefile

But in Windows XP: i can reach only to advanced tab using following command: control Sysdm.cpl,,3

I need to open Virtual memory settings page from command line in windows XP?

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I have spent 5 hours looking for you and what I found is this: Search engines ask, yahoo, google, dogpile, etc reveal nothing. I read a great deal of the technet library on 2000 and xp and found nothing. I also tried explore /n::{clsid} trying various configurations to no avail. I also tried shell:command with various syntax with no benefits. I did find a command line tool that will show the memory and edit it.

wmic memphysical list full and then there was pagefileconfig.vbs on microsoft.com

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