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I'm aware that you can't Bind to PasswordBox.Password in WPF. How do I handle a form that contains one? All other controls on the form are bound to properties on a business object, but I have to manually set and retrieve a password property whenever the input changes.

I know that others have created custom controls that allow binding to this property, but, on the other hand, Microsoft explicitly disallows binding to this property for a reason.

Are there any elegant solutions to this problem, or am I stuck writing code to bridge the gap between my form and my business object?

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I believe this is a repeat of this.

Which had an answer provided here.

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That might do the trick. Haven't tried it yet, but I probably will today. Thanks! –  Pwninstein Aug 7 '09 at 15:10

Just bind to PasswordBox itself, i.e. {Binding ElementName=MyPasswordBox}.

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It is a repeat of this also, and there you can find two other approaches: one (in the question) with a PasswordBox public property on the ViewModel (I dislike this approach), and one (in the accepted answer) with and event handler and a SecureString property on the ViewModel. It's a bit "traditional", but I prefer this approach instead of writing many lines of code to bind a password with an Attached Property. Hope this helps.

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