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I'm looking to create a series of variables from a for loop in SASS, as opposed to creating selectors, properties or values.

An example of what I am after

$px1:    (1 / 16) + 0em;
$px2:    (2 / 16) + 0em;
$px3:    (3 / 16) + 0em;
$px4:    (4 / 16) + 0em;

This would give me the em values for the equivalent font sizes. I'm new to SASS but coming from LESS I had to list all these vars manually which is quite a ballache. Before I go and do that again, is there a quicker way to generate these dynamically?

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I believe a function would be the best way of doing that

@function px($num) {
    @return $num / 16em; // don't have Sass at the moment to confirm the equation

.foo {
    width: px(1);

Should output this:

.foo { width: 16em }

Variables set outside of the function are still accessible from within, so 16 could also be a variable set elsewhere.

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That allows me to keep the logic for the em equation in one place, but I still need to create each variable manually. Ideally I'd like a loop to generate all the vars for me. –  Simon Smith Sep 17 '12 at 11:39
Could you provide a test case? –  cimmanon Sep 17 '12 at 12:14

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