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I installed SASS build system for Sublime Text 2 just as described in the readme and everything succeeded (also SASS installation). Now, if I try to build my .scss file ST2 prints out something like "[Finished in 0.2s]" without showing me any result or save a .css file. I also can write some wrong code and it will not complain about it, just give me a "finished" message again. Any idea what's causing this behaviour?

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I had the same problem on my Mountain Lion.
I fixed it by changing the "cmd" line in the SASS.sublime-build (and all the others build files I have for SASS) from

["sass", "--update", "$file:${file_path}/${file_base_name}.css"]


["sass --update $file:${file_path}/${file_base_name}.css"]

Don't know why, but practically if you write the command in an array with more than one item, it won't work, while the command all in one string does work.

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However you came to try this out - it works perfectly, thanks! – thelamborghinistory Oct 7 '12 at 1:12

gem install sass

in ST2 /tools/build system/new build system...

  "cmd": ["cmd", "/c", "sass --style compressed", "$file", "$file_base_name.css.min"]


  "cmd": ["cmd", "/c", "sass", "$file", "$file_base_name.css"]

save as "sass.sublime-build"

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