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I would like something like this(notice the :sub is a reference to a subproject)

task deleteJars(type: Delete) {
    ext.collection = files { genLibDir.listFiles() }
    delete ext.collection
task copyJars(type: Copy) { 
    from(:sub.configurations.compile) {}
    from(fixedLibDir) {}
    into genLibDir

This doesn't compile however. For playframework, I need to get the jars in that other projects configuration into my lib directory for playframework to startup. How can I fix the above code?

thanks, Dean

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Should it be something like:



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As zggame mentioned, in some cases when your subproject is evaluated prior to your dependency subproject then gradle will raise an error. You can postpone evaluation by using a closure. eg: { project(":sub").configurations.compile } – EFreak Jan 30 at 16:53

Don't forget to put


at the beginning of your main script. Otherwise, you will get error such as

 Configuration with name 'compile' not found

The reason is that generally the main project is compiled before the subproject and the compiler have trouble to find the configuration'compile' of the subproject.

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