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I made a member action like this :

member_action :send_by_email, :method => :get

Its supposes to execute Admin::CardsController/send_by_email but it's not, i don't launch the controller action.

My file is cards_controller.rb in app/controllers/admin

class Admin::CardsController < ApplicationController
    def send_by_email
       raise "ok"

When i do rake routes, i got :

 send_by_email_admin_card GET        /admin/cards/:id/send_by_email(.:format) admin/cards#send_by_email

Any idea?

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To debug further, try this:

member_action :send_by_email do
  raise "ok" #assuming that works, I use puts statements but whatev.

I found that I had to put all my 'stuff' in the block within the app/admin/cards.rb

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