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I have 2 Entities, Vehicle & Driver. A Vehicle has a Driver. In the Vehicle class generated by Hibernate, this notation is represented by...

public class Vehicle
    private Driver driver;

In DB the following is the scenario...

table vehicle
    id INT
    name VARCHAR(20)
    driverId INT

table driver
    id INT
    name VARCHAR(45)

I am creating a Vehicle and want to assign a existing Driver. Using Hibernate, when I create a Vehicle object and save it, I have to do the following...

// Load Driver
Driver driver = (Driver) session.load(Driver.class, Integer.parseInt(iKnowTheDriverId));

// Create Vehicle
Vehicle v = new Vehicle();

Do I need to load the corresponding Driver entity everytime or is there anyway to just set the Driver ID?

Thanks in advance...


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You need to get a reference to the corresponding Driver when saving a new Vehicle.

// Load Driver
Driver driver = (Driver) session.load(Driver.class, driverId);

// Create Vehicle
Vehicle v = new Vehicle();

But using session.load() to get the corresponding Driver is a good choice to avoid an SQL SELECT to the database. The driver object will not be fully initialized until you read a property on it. Only then the SQL SELECT is issued.

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This may also lead to EntityNotFound? But this is exactly what I want to avoid. In SQL, I would just update the Driver ID in the table column. I want a similar way here... – SSG Sep 18 '12 at 17:21
"This may also lead to EntityNotFound?" No. If you know the id of the driver hibernate will always return the reference. I assume that the driver is already saved in the database. – dcernahoschi Sep 18 '12 at 17:26

You can do this:

Driver temp = new Driver();



It might be some differences between the save-methods, but if you use Session#merge() it should work. It will then merge the detached driver with an existing by checking their id, and null values in the detached object won't overwrite not-null values in the persisted state. Just make sure you have a CascadeType.MERGE/ALL on your reference from Vehicle to Driver.

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Tried but not working :( – SSG Sep 18 '12 at 17:19
In what way did it not work? Do you have CascadeType.MERGE on you association from Vehicle to Driver? – Tobb Sep 18 '12 at 18:22

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