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I have an HTML input field linked to a button with an onclick function in javascript that can pass the textfield value to a textfield of another page. While passing the values from one page to another via an URL request of a JSP, I found out that encoding the values with encodeURI() gets:

  • £ --> £ (2 signs !!)
  • ö --> ö (2 signs !!)

When I use Javscript escape() I get the proper encodings, but unfortunately the + sign would disappear. Is there are better solution to have some sort of stable encoding of characters?

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encodeURI() encodes using UTF-8 encoding, which is why you see the two signs for encoding one characters (it's normal).

If you want to use escape and still keep the + sign, you can use the following:

function mod_escape(value) {
  value = escape(value);
  return value.replace(/\+/g, '%2B');
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I think you should use encodeURIComponent() on each single key=value pair and decodeURIComponent at second page for each key=value pair.

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