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GWT SuggestBox's search results are displayed in a <table> element, which (obviously) contains one <td> element per result. This causes the results to display on top of each other, like that:

enter image description here

Instead, I wish I could display the results side-by-side. Since the results are comprised within <td> elements, I wonder how I could possibly make each <td> to inline itself.

It would be neat to show the search results in a sort of grid (think of StackOverflow's tag suggestion widget, when you compose a question):

enter image description here

instead of a boring top-down list.

Any ideas?

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What you describe is the DefaultSuggestionDisplay (which uses a Menu widget with one MenuItem per suggestion), but you're free to implement a SuggestionDisplay the way you want.

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Thanks! Didn't know the existence of this possibility. –  Simon-Pierre Sep 16 '12 at 19:13

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