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    revert: true            
    axis: "x"


    drop: function(event, ui) {
        var item = ui.draggable.html();

        var html = '<div class="item icart">';
        html = html + '<div class="divrm">';
        html = html + '<a onclick="remove(this)" class="remove">&times;</a>';
        html = html + '<div/>'+item+'</div>';

I understand that with var html I am creating all html and appending it to the DOM, but why I need this? var item = ui.draggable.html(); What does ui.draggable stands for?

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From the docu In the callback, $(this) represents the droppable the draggable is dropped on. **ui.draggable represents the draggable** –  Andreas Sep 16 '12 at 19:23

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In the function, ui is the passed in object. ui happens to be an event. This event has a property draggable. Lastly .html() gets the inner HTML of the object.

The line var item = ui.draggable.html(); equates to:

item equals the object ui's property draggable's inner HTML contents.

From the structure of the function I would assume the ui event is a drag and drop opperation and that the draggable content is an item for an e-commerce shopping cart.

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