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does somebody know a library (language does not care) for song recognition like the Services provided by Shazzam and Soundhood?

Best Regards, Christian.

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Yes. http://echonest.com offer an online API for this. IIRC they're working in collaboration with http://musicbrainz.org (a huge, open music database) to gather acoustic fingerprints on the musicbrainz catalogue. Both have a comprehensive selection of open source tools on github related to this activity. You can download your own fingerprinting server (and, once again IIRC) get all the fingerprints too.



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blog.musicbrainz.org/?p=945 –  spender Sep 16 '12 at 20:27

This is a large and complex project that will require you to have a lot of knowledge in different areas. See this wikipedia article for more information.

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