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I have this in my webpage

        var db = Database.Open("MyDatabase");
        var catList= db.Query("select * from category");    
        var db = Database.Open("MyDatabase");
        var query = "insert into product (productkey,productname,categorykey) values(@0,@1,@2)";
        ....more code....

In my html I have the following

<select id="categorySelect" name="Name">
@foreach(var cat in catList){
    <option value=cat.CategoryKey>@cat.CategoryName</option> 

Problem is that when navigating to this page the first time I get this CS0103 exception saying that The name catList does not exist in the context

I am loading this page from a link in another page. What is wrong in my code?

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You define catList in if(){...} statement so you get this error, predefine it before if.

dynamic catList=null;
var db = Database.Open("MyDatabase");
catList= db.Query("select * from category");
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Hey thanks Aleksey, just one clarification to those facing the same problem. catList variable should be declared with type dynamic instead of IEnumerable to avoid generic type exception: dynamic catList=null –  E-Bat Sep 17 '12 at 3:40
ok, i fixed the answer –  FLCL Sep 17 '12 at 6:39

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