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My problem is that I want to stub a property in my abstract class, because my class in test uses that property. I'm currently using latest version of Moq.

My abstract class looks like this:

public abstract class BaseService
    protected IDrawingSystemUow Uow { get; set; }

And my class in test looks like this:

public class UserService : BaseService, IUserService
    public bool UserExists(Model model)
        var user = this.Uow.Users.Find(model.Id);
        if(user == null) { return false; }

        reurn true;

I can't figure out how I can stub the Uow property. Does anybody have any clue? Or is my design that bad that I need to move to Uow property to my class in test?

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Your current setup won't work for one simple reason - Uow property is non-overridable and Moq's job is done at this point. Cannot override, cannot mock.

Easiest solution is to simply make that property overridable. Change your base class definition to:

public abstract class BaseService
    protected virtual IDrawingSystemUow Uow { get; set; }

Now you can use Moq's protected feature (this requires you to include using Moq.Protected namespace in your test class):

// at the top of the file
using Moq.Protected;

// ...

var drawingSystemStub = new Mock<IDrawingSystemUow>();
var testedClass = new Mock<UserService>();

// setup drawingSystemStub as any other stub

// exercise test
var result = testedClass.Object.UserExists(...);
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Thank you so much it really helped! It was a minor bug in your code snippet. Returns(drawingSystemStub) should be replaced with Returns(drawingSystemStub.Object). =) – Rikard Sep 17 '12 at 10:01
@Rikard: thanks, fixed. – jimmy_keen Sep 17 '12 at 10:19
FYI @jimmy_keen - Link for "Cannot override, cannot mock" broken – lukejkw Feb 11 at 15:04

I think in your case it's pretty straightforward. You just don't mock the Uow property but the IDrawingSystemUow service. So you can create a mock of IDrawingSystemUow, assign it to the instance of UserService via the Uow property and then run the tests (e.g. of the UserExists method).

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