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I am new to Oracle, I have been asked to reverse engineer a huge legacy database; so huge in fact that when I went to view the ERD, it took up 3 plot diagrams; 3 walls.

I cannot zoom in; it is because there are numerous attribites (hundreds per ...)

Is there a way to: 1) View just table names, keys and relationships 2) Restrict the scope of the table names, keys and relationships

Is there a tool that would be present in large Enterprises that the DBA could grant me read permission to perform this analysis.

Thanks for your assistance!!! Chris

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I recommend you Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler


Where you can :

  • Create subViews from whole ERD model


  • Display only names (without attributes)
  • It is used for Big Enterprise data analysis projects
  • Many useful features

And the best feature : It´s FREE

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