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I would like to start using Haddock; the primary reason is not that I do (or anyone else does) need nice HTML documentation for what I'm writing right now, but that it will teach me a standardized way commenting Haskell modules. For this reason, I'd like to get my hands dirty with it, but I've run into a pretty basic problem.


module Main where
-- |This is the main function.
main = putStrLn "Hello World!"

Haddock invocation:

> haddock -h test.hs 
Haddock coverage:
  50% (  1 /  2) in 'Main'
Warning: Main: could not find link destinations for:

It looks like Haddock doesn't know where to look for the standard libraries, but that's just a wild guess. The docs say something about a "-B" parameter, but are not really explaining much about it.

I've searched for the problem online, and it was basically answered with "use a Cabal package and it'll do everything for you". However, I would much rather not deal with Cabal right now, but learn Haddock on its own (Cabal can wait). Is there a nice and easy(ish) solution to the problem?

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Just to put a data point out there: I have written a lot of documentation and never once invoked haddock by hand. – Daniel Wagner Sep 17 '12 at 0:45
Correct, haddock doesn't know where to find the docs for the installed libraries by itself, you have to tell it. I'm not an expert, but the --read-interface=FILE option tells haddock where to find the docs. However, letting cabal do the job is much simpler. – Daniel Fischer Sep 17 '12 at 3:29
Cabal is meant to make your life easier. Why wait? – n.m. Sep 17 '12 at 6:27
I'd also suggest you to use cabal. It makes a lot of things easier (not just haddock) and it's easy to set up. – Petr Pudlák Sep 17 '12 at 9:52
FWIW, I see warnings like this every single time I ask Cabal to build Haddock for anything. I assumed it was just something that always happens... (Or maybe just on Windows.) – MathematicalOrchid Sep 17 '12 at 15:20

I'm going to echo the wisdom of the comments to your question and say, just use Cabal. It's not an extra thing to learn, it's something to learn instead precisely because it takes care of all these tedious details for you. You'll probably need to know about it anyway since everyone else uses it, so you might as well get the benefit of that knowledge.

For completeness, I ran cabal haddock -v on one of my projects, and this is the invocation of haddock that it used:

/usr/local/bin/haddock --prologue=dist/doc/html/notcpp/haddock-prolog1566.txt --dump-interface=dist/doc/html/notcpp/notcpp.haddock --optghc=-package-name --optghc=notcpp- --hide=NotCPP.Utils --verbosity=1 --html --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/array-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/array- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/base-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/base- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/containers-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/containers- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/deepseq-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/deepseq- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/ghc-prim-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/ghc-prim- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/integer-gmp-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/integer-gmp- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/pretty-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/pretty- --read-interface=/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/template-haskell-,/usr/local/share/doc/ghc/html/libraries/template-haskell- --odir=dist/doc/html/notcpp/ --title=notcpp- Avoiding the C preprocessor via cunning use of Template Haskell --optghc=-fbuilding-cabal-package --optghc=-O --optghc=-odir --optghc=dist/build/tmp-1566 --optghc=-hidir --optghc=dist/build/tmp-1566 --optghc=-stubdir --optghc=dist/build/tmp-1566 --optghc=-i --optghc=-idist/build --optghc=-i. --optghc=-idist/build/autogen --optghc=-Idist/build/autogen --optghc=-Idist/build --optghc=-optP-include --optghc=-optPdist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h --optghc=-hide-all-packages --optghc=-package-id --optghc=base- --optghc=-package-id --optghc=template-haskell- --optghc=-XHaskell98 --optghc=-XTemplateHaskell --optghc=-W -B/usr/local/lib/ghc-7.6.1 dist/build/tmp-1566/NotCPP/ScopeLookup.hs dist/build/tmp-1566/NotCPP/LookupValueName.hs dist/build/tmp-1566/NotCPP/OrphanEvasion.hs dist/build/tmp-1566/NotCPP/Utils.hs

Now, I'm sure much of that is optional, but I'm not about to spend the time working out which bits are and which aren't.

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