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How can I retrieve a property value from modelstate in httppost action.

Below is the code, I used to retrive the hidden id field from modelstate. But is it not possible to have strongly typed version to get value. Like, if property name is modified, prompting a compile time error.

Could anyone please explain difference between "AttemptedValue" and "RawValue".

 ModelState state;      
 if (ModelState.TryGetValue("id", out state))
     string value = state.Value.AttemptedValue.ToString();
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what property you are specificly looping for ? –  Shyju Sep 16 '12 at 22:31

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Attempted value is used by the framework and it contains concatenated list of values. In my case, since it is id field, I am going ahead with attempted value. Below link has more information on this.


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you can iterate the ModelStateDictionary object and through the keys(property name) on the dictionary get the value of the desired property or you can do something like ModelState["PropertyName"].Value

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