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I have a table column of NSTableView bound to to an NSArrayController in Interface Builder. The array controller is bound to Shared User Defaults Controller for the Content Array. I had to select Handles Content As Compound Value to make adding new objects work. Unfortunately, this disables the highlighting of the table row when I add: an object to the array. The object is added but the table row is not highlighted and you have to double-click where you think the row is to be able to edit it.

My goal is to add: a row to the table view using the array controller; then, have that row automatically be highlighted and editable for the user.

Attributes for the NSArrayController:

enter image description here

Bindings for the the NSArrayController:

enter image description here

Bindings for the TableView Column:

enter image description here

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The workaround that I found here worked for me.

You need to subclass NSArrayController and implement your own add: method

//  MyArrayController.h

#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>

@interface MyArrayController : NSArrayController



//  MyArrayController.m

#import "MyArrayController.h"

@implementation MyArrayController

- (void)add:(id)sender {
    [super add:sender] ;

    [self performSelector:@selector(selectLastObject)
               afterDelay:0.0] ;

- (void)selectLastObject {
    if ([self selectsInsertedObjects]) {
        NSArray* arrangedObjects = [self arrangedObjects] ;
        NSInteger nObjects = [arrangedObjects count] ;
        if (nObjects > 0) {
            [self setSelectionIndex:nObjects-1] ;

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