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I want to get the value of an environment variable from in a guest VM. VMWare VIX api claims to have this functionality built into their API

for readVariable the help reads:

Reads a variable from the virtual machine state or guest.
You can get eitherruntime configuration in the .vmx file,
or environment variables in the guest operating system.
The latter requires a valid guest login.
<path to .vmx file>
[ runtimeConfig |
guestEnv ]
<variable name>

For example, get the user profile:

vmrun -gu myusername -gp myfakepassword readVariable "C:\VMWare-VMs\myusername\myusername-XPSP3-3.vmx" guestEnv %USERPROFILE%

but...where does the value of the variable go?

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Only seems to work for User variables, not System variables. :-( – Vern Jensen Dec 30 '14 at 23:26

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