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I've got a leader board in PHP/MySQL that displays users by percentage descending. I calculate the percentage:

$percentage = ($correct / $total) * 100

My question is how to factor in number of attempts (risk) so that let's say a user with 1 out of 1 for 100% isn't above a user with say 75 out of 80 for 93.8%

Any ideas?

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order by $total? –  Gung Foo Sep 17 '12 at 0:38

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That's just part of how you order the results

SELECT (correct / $total) * 100 AS percent FROM table ORDER BY percent DESC, attempts ASC;
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Depends on how big an influence the risk factor should have! Just guessing here but I believe not dividing by total would result in too big a number so various solutions could be implemented a few suggestions could be to multiply the result by (1 + ($total / 100)) or to further reduce the impact of each new attempt you could multiply by (1 + (sqrt($total) / 100)) - experiment with other values, 100 was used just as an example or other non-linear functions like log.

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Compute the percent that an average user has, and give each user a baseline of 10 average attempts (for some value of 10).

Say the average was 50%. Then you'd compute $percentage = ($correct+5)/($total+10)*100. Users who consistently do well will still come out on top eventually (because their successes will overwhelm the average score you started them with, but a user with a good start won't jump to the top).

e.g Under this system, your first user would now have a score of 6/11 = 54% and your second user would have 80 / 90 = 88%.

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