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I'm attempting to grab the peak level (decibal level or whatnot) from an audio stream from a Kinect using OpenNI.

I've found these:



But I'm having a hard time piecing it together. I just need an integer of some sort to figure out how loud the surrounding area for the kinect is.


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I've tried using the Audio API provided by OpenNI with no luck, not even the provided sample. I had the same question a while back.

If you're on osx/linux you can use both openni/libfreenect side by side(as admin only on linux) and libfreenect has some experimental audio support.

In the mean time I've found two other projects that look interesting:

  1. HARK
  2. MS Kinect-OpenNI Bridge

I haven't used both, although the second looks promising, so it should be possible to access audio via MS SDK and process data using OpenNI as well.

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