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I'm working on a game for Windows Phone 7, I'm using version SLXNA (Silvelight + XNA) and everything I have, the problem is that it takes a lot to navigate the game page (GamePage.xaml), I want to make a page that says "loading ..", because the application stays where it is until you see the game page.

Thanks for your answers. Greetings

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You have a few options:

It really depends where do you want the loading to happen. Is it a game loop or a SL page. XNA Thread example:

    private Thread thread;
    private bool isLoading;
    private void LoadResources()
        // Start loading the resources in an additional thread
        thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(gameplayScreen.LoadAssets));

        isLoading = true;

For example LoadResources method is called when user press tap the screen

        if (!isLoading)
            if (input.Gestures.Count > 0)
                if (input.Gestures[0].GestureType == GestureType.Tap)

In the game update loop

        if (null != thread)
            // If additional thread finished loading and the screen is not
            // exiting
            if (thread.ThreadState == ThreadState.Stopped && !IsExiting)
               //start the level

It's good idea to show something to the user e.g.

        private static readonly string loadingText = "Loading...";

and in the draw loop

        if (isLoading)
            Vector2 size = smallFont.MeasureString(loadingText);
            Vector2 messagePosition = new Vector2(
                (ScreenManager.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Width - size.X) / 2,
                (ScreenManager.GraphicsDevice.Viewport.Height - size.Y) / 2);
            spriteBatch.DrawStringBlackAndWhite(smallFont, loadingText, messagePosition);
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