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I create a TimePicker in layout, I want the TimePicker show on Activity with format 24h. Can you help me? Thanks.

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TimePicker is a view for selecting the time of day, in either 24 hour or AM/PM mode. You can use setIs24HourView(true) method with TimePicker.

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Setting TimePicker by default to 24 hour mode is not always a good idea since many countrys have diffrent convention. For this case use DateFormat.is24HourFormat(getActivity()).

Your final code migth look like picker.setIs24HourView(DateFormat.is24HourFormat(this));.

Further details see:

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If you want the TimePicker to be correctly initialized with the current time in 24h format use the following:

import java.util.Calendar;


Otherwise, due to Android bug, the picker will start with an incorrect hour (2 instead of 14 etc).

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+1 for including hour set problem –  Ahmad Dwaik 'Warlock' Nov 26 '13 at 13:00

You just have to retrieve the TimePicker instance from the view after inflating it, then you can modify the widget.

Ids are arbitrary:

View v=getActivity().getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.dialog_time, null);
TimePicker timePicker=(TimePicker)v.findViewById(R.id.dialog_time_timePicker);
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By default, it displays time in the AM/PM format. If you want to change time in the 24 hour format, then you can use the setIs24HourView() method. See this link: http://www.androidaspect.com/2012/06/timepicker-view-tutorial.html

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You just need call and send true to setIs24HourView function.

TimePicker tpHourMin = (TimePicker) findViewById(R.id.timePicker);
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