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I am trying to call image tag in a model and return the image if it exists other wise return null like this :-

 def medium_avatar_exists?
    if self.avatar.present?
      image_tag self.avatar.thumb_medium_url
      image_tag "missing-avatar-medium.png"

when I call this method from the view :- current_user.medium_avatar_exist?

I get an error saying undefined method image_tag what could be the issue ?

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You can't use helper methods in model image_tag is an helper method and you are trying to use it in the model hence it gives an error.

Try following instead in your application_helper.rb or some other helpr you want

def medium_avatar_exists?(user)
  if user.avatar.present?
    image_tag user.avatar.thumb_medium_url
    image_tag "missing-avatar-medium.png"

OR Just

def medium_avatar_exists?(user)
  image_tag (user.avatar.present? ? user.avatar.thumb_medium_url : "missing-avatar-medium.png")
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thanks it works well – Dev R Sep 17 '12 at 4:44

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