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I need to join one table with another prior to ordering records. So far, I've found I can only do the ordering using a string, like so:


I don't like using hard-coded string values, it feels unsafe. It would be nice if I could use Ruby symbols instead, like below:

customer.joins(:product).order(:products => :position) #doesn't work

How can I do it?

I have a feeling it should be possible, since you can use Ruby symbols when joining a table and doing a where, as demonstrated in the example below:

customer.joins(:product).where(:products => {:manufacturer_id => @manufacturer.id})
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I agree, this seems like something that could be implemented. customer.includes(:products).where(products: {manufacturer_id: @manufacturer.id}).references(:products).order(products: {created_at: :desc}) This query seems like it would solve the problem raised in the answer below. –  sealocal May 28 at 17:18

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No, activerecord was not designed this way. The best reason I can think of is because how would you specify ASC or DESC with that type of naming? You must specify the full statement in a string format for it to work.

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