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I am unable to open Eclipse IDE. The error displayed is as below

enter image description here

Any idea what could be the reason? And how do I solve this??

Note: I ran CCleaner recently (any registry issue??) and I got error executing my open Eclispe project. On restarting I get this issue. Is re-installation going to help? Am going to do that and update result here. And I would really like to know what caused this for future precautions.

Update: Same error for new installation. But this time got error regarding lauching JVM and missing dlls so going to reinstall Java.

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Unable to understand what might be the exact problem , still giving it a shot.

Did you go through this URL http://michaelzanussi.com/?p=468

Appears to be the same issue , resetting JAVA_HOME and PATH solved the issue for him

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The authors of Eclipse strongly recommend manually updating the Eclipse.ini file to point directly to the JRE that you want to use rather than relying on Windows environment variables.

Also C:\Windows\System32 is a really strange place to find the Java Runtime Environment files, typically they wind up in C:\Program Files\Java or C:\Program Files (x86)\Java.

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