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I am using mysql database. I am having following three tables


Message table contains messages insert by user

A Message can belong to maximum 4 categories and minimum 1 category

Category table contains different message category

Mapping table contains primary key of Message and Category

I would like to know that table designing is ok or is there any other way

I want to write queries for

  1. Single query to insert date in message and mapping table
  2. Fetch message and its associated categories
  3. Update a message or Its category
  4. delete a message with Its category
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for 1. you have to write two queries at least.... –  TheHe Sep 17 '12 at 5:53

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Well, let's start with something:

Point 1:
You have to write (at least) two queries: one to insert message, retrieve message.id and the second to insert mapping with category

Point 2:

SELECT msg.*, cat.* FROM message msg
   INNER JOIN mapping map ON msg.id = map. message_id
   INNER JOIN category cat ON map.category_id = cat.id

Point 3: (example)

UPDATE message SET msg = new_msg, ondate = NOW
WHERE id = msg_id

Point 4:
You could use constraints to do it automatically, but it's pretty easy to do your task with simple multiple queries...

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Thanks for reply P2: is showing n times message values I want one time and its different Categories values. P3 is only updateing message fields i also want to update its category. Like initialy message was in 3 category i want to update and put it only 2 category. Please include these parameters also. –  xrcwrn Sep 17 '12 at 6:26
@Manish: with one query, on P2 you can only JOIN tables and have one rows per msg/category... if you want just one row, use GROUP_CONCAT MySql function. For P3, if you want change category, it's not that simple as you like, because you can have multipla categories for a message, so which one you substitute? If you want to change category, you have to perform an UPDATE query on categories table: you can't do it with a single query! –  Marco Sep 17 '12 at 6:36
for P3 If more than one query then please tell me. can i use functions –  xrcwrn Sep 17 '12 at 7:58

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