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I am trying to integrate the RabbitMq and AMQP along with the daemon kit to schedule the messaging tasks in Ruby on Rails platform. I am still in the experimental stage. I was referred to few blogs and websites and one of them is: http://www.ioncannon.net/programming/941/using-daemon-kit-and-robustthread-to-build-ruby-daemons/#evented-daemon

When I tried to run this command: daemon-kit -i amqp eventbased inside a Rails app, I got this error: No value provided for required arguments 'app_path'

I am not being able to figure out whats wrong with it. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

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So this error

No value provided for required arguments 'app_path'

appears cause you should provide path to daemon, like this

daemon-kit ~/projects/amqp-dev -i amqp

This will generate skeleton daemon in the amqp-dev folder.

Im not sure about daemon-kit compatibility with ruby frameworks, like sinatra or rails, but I belive its not really hard to get this work with them.

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Yes that true, I am struggling since a very long time to get this done, and also I am looking for other alternatives too, any heads up? – Jeevan Dongre Sep 18 '12 at 6:48
So, the first question is do you really need message queueing in your app? Maybe you need just background processing? Please, read this blog post: mikeperham.com/2011/05/04/… I dont know anything about your project, but in most cases things like rabbitMQ or amqp is not really necessary. – railscard Sep 18 '12 at 10:57

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