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This is what I got so far. What can I fix to get this right?

msg1:.asciiz "Please insert text (max 20 characters): "
msg2:.asciiz "\nThe length of the text is: "

newline: .asciiz "\n"

str1: .space 20
.globl main
addi $v0, $v0,4
la $a0,msg1
syscall #print msg1
li $v0,8
la $a0,str1
addi $a1,$zero,20
syscall   #get string 1

la $a0,str1  #pass address of str1
jal len

## your code here
addi $t2, $zero, 0 # $t2 is what we want to return in the end -- the count of the length of the character array
addi $s1, $zero, 0 # Index i for array traversing | init. to 0 | i = 0


add $s1, $s1, $a0 # Adds the location of the index to the location of the base of the array | $t1 is now the location of: array[index]
lw $t0, 0($s1)

beq $t0, $zero, exit
addi $t2, $t2, 1 # Count = Count + 1
addi $s1, $s1, 1 # i = i + 1
j Loop

la $a0,msg2 
li $v0,4
move $a0,$t0 #output the results 
li $v0,1

li $v0,10
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Welcome to StackOverflow. Please keep in mind, that you always provide all relevant information that we need to help you with your problem. Your question is lacking in the following areas: What exactly do you want it to do, what does it do now, what did you expect instead? Please use the edit button below your post to supply the additional information. Thank you. –  phant0m Oct 6 '12 at 12:06

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add $s1, $s1, $a0

Here, you overwrite $s1, so adding 1 to $s1 is not correct anymore. Just initialize $s1 with the address of the string (instead of 0) and remove this line.

lw $t0, 0($s1)

This should be lb. You're loading a byte, not 4 bytes.

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