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I have been testing out the most recent Cloudera CDH4 hadoop-conf-pseudo (i.e. MRv2 or YARN) on a notebook, which has 4 cores, 8GB RAM, and an Intel X25MG2 SSD. The OS is Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64bit. So far so good.

Looking at Setting up hadoop to use S3 as a replacement for HDFS, I would like to do it on my notebook - on this notebook, there is a S3 emulator that my colleagues and I implemented.

Nevertheless, I can't find where I can set the jets3t.properties to change the end point to localhost. I downloaded the hadoop-2.0.1-alpha.tar.gz and searched the source without finding out a clue. There is a similar Q on SO Using s3 as fs.default.name or HDFS?, but I want to use our own lightweight and fast S3 emulation layer, instead of AWS S3, for our experiments.

I would appreciate a hint as to how I can change the end point to a different hostname.



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