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I've created a simple WCF application where I have added a display method in my service, but I don't know how to test this display service? I've searched using Google but didn't find any feasible solution.

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You could use the WcfTestClient.exe utility which is part of the SDK. Another possibility is to write a sample client application in which you would import the service definition and be able to invoke its methods but it might be a little more work. As an alternative, if you are using a SOAP binding on your service you could also checkout SoapUI.

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The WCFTestClient is a good option, but it seems that VS2010 is somewhat inconsistent in launching it as a startup process. Best option is to run it from the VS2010 command line (as and administrator). You can also check out the free soapUI utility (http://www.soapui.org/) which has (in my opinion) a much better interface and far more functionality than WcfTestClient

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In visual studio, set the service as Startup project. This will lanch WcfTestclient.exe when you start run the debugger.

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