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I have my NodeJS and Socket.IO server running perfectly, however I notice that a socket disconnect and reconnect occurs every time I refresh the browswer page or navigate to a different page.

How do I make it so sockets persist between pages?

Thanks, I thought of that but wanted to avoid it as it's quite a big change for the system I'm making and would be a fair bit of work.

The only thing the socket connects/disconnects will effect is a "users logged in" counter. But I think I can get around that with a setTimeout on the Node server, so if a socket disconnects and reconnects within 2 seconds, the counter won't change. Is that the best work around in terms of this counter?

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You can't really do that: network connections do not survive page navigation or refreshes. If you really really care you'll basically need to build a single page application.

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you could use AJAX to navigate between the pages, to avoid the page refresh/socket disconnect

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