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It's very important every ORM can support view, like Entity framework. I've a big problem, when I want to make a query and get data from two or more tables. I want to get the data in a special class.


For example:

Table1: tblProfile

 profileId | name | family
     1     | ali  | niazi
     2     | reza | jafari

Table2: tblJob

  jobId | profileId | jobTitle
    1   |     1     |  driver
    2   |     2     | analysis
    3   |     2     |programmer

View1: viwJobs

profileId | name | family  | jobTitle
     1     | ali  | niazi  | driver
     2     | reza | jafari | analysis
     2     | reza | jafari |programmer

But, This is just a sample, not real. I mean sometimes I wanna make a view from several tables in sqlite and I like use it in my app. How can I create a entity(class) by DaoGenerator for use that view?

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I haven't tried it, what's the specific issue?

If your issue is that greenDAO wants to create a table, you can tell greenDAO not to. Call setSkipTableCreation(false) on the entity that represents your view.

Also, you would have to create the database view yourself in a SQLiteOpenHelper.

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I edited my question to clear it! – NrNazifi Sep 27 '12 at 6:16

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