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I call NUnit in a batch like this:

    <Output TaskParameter="Failures" PropertyName="$(ResultFailures)"/>
    <Output TaskParameter="Errors" PropertyName="$(ResultErrors)"/>

For each Assembly in TestOutputFiles.FullPath NUnit is called and produces the OutputXmlFile, however, I want to create a summary about how many test cases have failed in ALL assemblies at the end.

So I use ContinueOnError und save the Tasks' output parameters. However, I only managed to save them into properties, which are of course overwritten every time the task is called (it's a batch...)

Do you know how to save them into some kind of array? An item group maybe?

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Just change PropertyName attribute for ItemName

<Output TaskParameter="Failures" ItemName="ResultFailures"/>
<Output TaskParameter="Errors" ItemName="ResultErrors"/>

Keep in mind that ItemName and PropertyName are mutually exclusive. You cant specify both

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