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I have to analyze methods a foreign API, and how I usually do it it to write a test script, or find an example code, do a


Where I want to experiment, and than take a look at currently available variables, objects and their methods. However, when I want to check the documentation the way Ipython offers


I get

*** SyntaxError: invalid syntax (<stdin>, line 1)

If I try


It gives

*** No help on (object.method)

Does that mean that there is no documentation for the selected method, or am I using the wrong way of calling it?

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The help() function is actually a wrapper around which means that you can do something like:

ipdb> import math
ipdb> import pydoc
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Actually !help(object.method) works, you just need to signify with ! that it's a python command, not ipdb help command. Though convenient question mark doesn't work that way unfortunately.

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