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This question focuses on finding a perfect solution for an asynchronous image resizing process guided by a cron job / job queue.

Images are getting uploaded and saved in the original size on the server. The resize process picks them up, resizes and saves them in two new sizes. For this job I use Imagemagick with the following setup [nice -n 19 convert -density 500 "' . $fullpath . '" -resample ' . $dpi . ' "' . $destFolder . '/%d.jpg"']. "nice" will not prevent a command from using 100% CPU. What it does do is say that if any other process needs CPU, it will get a higher priority than the "nice" processes. As you see this is just some improvement :( because I am sure if users will upload pictures simulataneously the server will definitely crash.

My intention is to process all images through the server and not locally via Flash or Java. So if I can't get more server CPU & RAM, I think I need to implement an asynchronous resize job queue through a cron job which gets offered a limited CPU & Memory usage. While an image is processed, the user gets a thumbnail with the info, "your image will be soon available", to stop him from uploading the same image again. That's my basic idea at the moment.

I work with a PHP framework on a Debian Linux server for this web application. Any help, guiding tips or information resources for such a cron job/job queue/implementation ideas are highly appreciated!!!

Many thanks in advance!



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I don't know about the ready made solutions but if you can make a PHP file that can select and upload images from the directory/database - you can setup a worker at www.iron.io and get this task done!

May be implement a REST API to interact remotely is also a good idea. Good luck!

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